Cheers to Swing Brew 2019!

It’s pretty rare to have a band that can say they’ve been playing for forty years, so why not celebrate that with a beer? This year marks the 40th Anniversary of The Swing Crew, so to celebrate our local rockstars we decided to name this year’s batch of Swing Brew “40 Years of Pils”. This year we got some help bottling from both the staff from Showboat Saloon and The Swing Crew, so you know it’ll be good!

You can catch Swing Crew every Wednesday and Saturday night at Showboat Saloon or Mama’s Garage this summer! Who knows, maybe while you drink a few “40 Years of Pils” you may even get to be part of the show…

Swing Brew “40 Years of Pils” will be available for a limited time at:

  • Showboat Saloon
  • Mama’s Garage
  • Barabrew
  • Sauk Prairie Liquor
  • Maurer’s Market
  • BWP Liquor – Dells/Delton
  • Pierce’s Express Market
  • Port Huron Brewing Company